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Major Client Relationship Insights 

Leading education services provider suffered a 30% dip in share price after the loss of a major contract. An email from the CEO introduced Catalyst to internal and external stakeholders as independent experts, leading a listening exercise.

  • Internal stakeholder engagement to identify information needs

  • Discovery phase to ascertain customer expectations and gaps

  • 180 degree stakeholder study

    • Customers rate supplier on key criteria

    • Internal stakeholders rate their own performance

  • Quant and qual style questions

  • Baseline measure on service delivery and brand attributes

  • Supplier strength and weaknesses quantified

    • Including internal-external ‘gaps’

  • Key drivers identified

    • Fix imperatives for high impact weaknesses

    • Communication opportunities for high impact strengths

  • Account specific improvement needs

  • CEO communique thanking clients for their input highlighting study results and next steps

    • Managing expectations and closing the loop

  • New KPIs established

    • Client contact regularity and reporting protocols

  • Account management training organised for specific executives

  • Update of account planning methodology

  • Account specific ‘fix’ initiatives including hiring two new team members to assist with communications and client engagement

  • No account losses in year one or two

  • Repeat survey in year two involving additional markets

    • Satisfaction improvements on most criteria

    • Satisfaction improvements at every key account covered in wave 1

  • No account losses in year three

  • Global revenue increase amongst existing accounts

  • Study learnings used as input into ongoing business development initiatives


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